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City of Bridges
White Room
Run the Bridge
Marcy Avenue
Under the Williamsburg Bridge
Big City
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PGH > NYC, book
PGH > NYC, book
PGH> NYC, book
PGH> NYC, book


In the Spring of 2014, I enrolled in an SVA Continuing education course, Graphic Design Basics. The final assignment was to depict a personal journey in a visual way, then turn it into a handmade book.


Inspired by a previous class assignment working with collage, I decided to use collage again to depict my move from Pittsburgh to New York in 2010.


I chose seven scenes from my journey and sketched each one. I scoured my archive of fashion magazines for colors, shapes textures and prints to collage each sketch. For some scenes, I layered my collages with my personal photographs. 

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